ADHD - Anonymous

My whole life I was a kid that worked hard in school and would spend hours studying to get the high grades I strived for. Unfortunately, I fell behind in my reading skills at a young age, immediately put into intermediate reading instruction classes. Year after year, I'd fail state tests no matter how much I studied and read. It wasn't untill I was in 5th grade that I truly started to catch wind and progress ..but still not like my classmates. As my reading skills grew, I could never read aloud new information like the other kids. In 7th grade I realized something must be wrong beyond my control.


After researching for hours, I realized I had symptoms of ADHD. I switched words and letter interchangeably, lefts and rights blurred, couldn't focus on one of the words as I read aloud, and many more. Terrified and thinking I was wrong, I didn't tell anyone for two years.

Eventually, I told my mom and shortly after was diagnosed by a professional, later on also getting diagnosed with chronic anxiety and auditory processing disorder. All that being said, I am now in all honors classes at my high school, even taking online college classes, being top 40 of my class. I want people to learn that these disorders don't define anyone and can be moved pass. The more people know, the better and I am so glad you guys are making people think about others without judgement.