Lupus - Beth Ann Sherman

Lupus began to awaken shortly after the birth of my last daughter, Mackenzie.  Initially my doctor felt my age, being a new mom and the dreadful baby carrier was the source of my problem…but I knew in my heart it was more than that.  On my birthday, six months after Mackenzie was born, sitting at Mayo Clinic I learned I had Lupus…SLE Lupus…Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  What the heck is Lupus? Is it curable? Is it fatal? Can my kids inherit it?
Once the easy questions were answered, I began losing to Lupus.
Over the last 6 years I have grown to accept everyday involves pain…some days more than others.  I have reluctantly learned to SLOW DOWN, its okay not to do everything (hardest thing ever to accept). I'm not going to remember things like I used to, and my body is now fighting against itself.  Playing by Lupus' rules…not being the mom I once was…dropping things because I could no longer hold onto things…being tired ALL THE TIME. It was very depressing as I sat in a chair watching my kids go on without the mom that they were used to.  I began to think that I was dying and I wouldn’t get to grow old…so I started to research…I'm an Aries, we are stubborn!
First thing I did was find a rheumatologist that LISTENED to me and what I wanted out of my life.  He connected me with 2 other doctors and together these 3 people are helping me achieve my ultimate goal…being the mom I want to be!  Sure I still have pain everyday, but my pain patches take most of it away.  My mind still has forgetful moments, be my medication helps with that.  Lupus Flares are caused by stress…who doesn’t have stress?!?!? I have a medication that helps me cope with life and the stress it brings.  In the past I thought all medication was to be avoided…but now I see that its actually to help you LIVE!
Today I am the MOM I love being.  I operate and help my husband farm over 4,500 acres of grain crops in the Midwest…my tractor is a Case IH Quad Trac 550.  It gives a smooth ride as my muscles get sore quickly, and it has a heated seat for the flare days!  I'm a third generation farmer in my family and being able to live this dream is amazing.  Sure, there are times I might need rest, and by rest I sleep for 2 days straight, but I have learned to listen to my body, that is the number one rule to LIVE with Lupus.