Hello lovelies, welcome to our little community! We are so so happy to have you here. Our story is a special one and we always, always want to be grounded in why we started. We started Of Mindful Manner as a catalyst to start conversations surrounding invisible illnesses. We love story telling and wanted there to be more meaningful and honest conversations to reduce stigma. After two years, we realized our message was so much bigger! What we wanted to happen in the invisible illness community, we really wanted to happen for everyone!

So thats where we are today- embracing big change to see an even bigger impact. We want to build a community that is unashamed, intentional, empathetic and is inclusive to everyone. And we are here to remind you that there is truly a purpose in EVERY season, your highs and your lows. If any of that resonates with you, than welcome. We created this space for you and are so excited to purse, champion and encourage you. Around here, we build each other up and joyful, uplifting words are kind of our thing !!